Special survivors

Exmoor Ponies of North America has been committed to preserving the Exmoor pony lineage since 1999.

What We Were

Exmoor Ponies of North America was founded by owner Dr. Jed Struckus in 1999 with an Exmoor mare, Cabbage Hill Aster Dahlia, & an Exmoor filly,  Cabbage Hill Jillian, from Nancy Kohlberg at Cabbage Hill Farm in New York. His goal was to slowly increase his herd using bloodlines available in North America.  He bought an Exmoor colt, Cabbage Hill Tully, from a farm in New Hampshire. Tully is a full brother to “the girls” so was ultimately gelded. Then June Clarke at Bransonas Farm in Virginia offered Dr. Struckus  her noble Exmoor stallion, Braeford of Nonesuch. In 2004, tragedy struck the Exmoor pony breed when a farm in New York planned to send its entire herd of Exmoor ponies to auction for slaughter. Dr. Struckus, his agent & numerous others pitched in to rescue the animals successfully. The story was recounted on the United States Equestrian Federation website.  Out of the ashes rose nine new additions to the herd as well as the partner at Exmoor Ponies of North America, Sonya Mackintosh, one of the “numerous others”, who discovered she could not live without Exmoor ponies in her life.

Where We've Been

Mares, stallions & geldings from Exmoor Ponies of North America have participated in exhibitions, demonstrations, competitions & other equestrian activities from benefit pony rides for the town ambulance squad to earning colors with the newest drag hunt in New England. Half a million people have been introduced to this breed in the flesh because of our efforts.  No other Exmoor pony farm in the world has accomplished this feat. Now not only are we the largest herd of Exmoor ponies outside the United Kingdom, but also we have the most diverse stallion lines on earth at Exmoor Ponies of North America. Our thanks to Susan Glasper, Ann Poulsen & Elizabeth Wright for their energetic support in our  endeavors to conserve the rarest of this rare breed. We are so honored by your faith in our stewardship of “the boys”.

Who We Are

A random assortment  of mom & pop & friend has seamlessly evolved into the  triumvirate of professional team players with positive attitudes at Exmoor Ponies of North America. Each of us brings passion, dedication & inspiration based on our day jobs of clinical neuropsychologist, large animal veterinarian, & internationally recognized textile artisan. As owner, agent & partner respectively, we believe in the excellence, honesty & courage of Exmoor ponies as performance animals. We are sensitive to the traditions of the Exmoor pony breed, but will continue to use intelligent innovations to promote & preserve the Exmoor pony breed globally. At Exmoor Ponies of North America, all three of us live & work with our Exmoor ponies every day which gives us a unique appreciation of the beauty & athleticism of this charming, hardy breed, which we continue to share worldwide.

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